I always have things on my mind and in my heart that I feel I need to share. Sometimes I want to share my passion or my life or my work, and I have done so through social networking sites and through blogs but never keep up with them. So this time instead of making a blog about my love of music or a blog about my films I’m making one blog for everything.


This blog is named after a song  by Yutaka Ozaki that inspired me a lot just before turning seventeen. The song about teen angst, the ideal ideas of youth, and the harsh reality of life opened my eyes to a world I have been missing. However, one does not need to be a teenager to understand the song’s message which is as universal as any.


“In whichever way you decide to live,
 never throw yourself away.”


It is with this in mind that I map out my own desires, passions, and dreams. Everything I do shall be with love and everything that I love should be shared with the world.


In this blog I’ll be writing a lot about films, music, or even just random thoughts I have. What I write will sometimes be more critical and other times will be more personal. In the next few days I hope to post about my most recent film and about what I’ve been experiencing recently. I desire this blog to be a way to connect with those around me, as I often keep a distance from my audience and even my own friends.